Winter Catalog

ACCESSORIES accessories body & chassis engine electrical & ignition controls fuel & intake rewind clutch drive rear suspension front suspension traction mini sleds chemicals tools & shop trailer & towing 20 | 207-942-6769 SPORTSSTUFF ® SUPER CROSSOVER™ SNOW TUBES/TOWABLES Take to the slopes or dominate the water with the new SportsStuff® CROSSOVER Series. These serious multipurpose tubes for 1-2 riders feature a heavy-duty partial nylon cover and slick durable PVC tarpaulin bottom to speed things up. The Speed Safety Valve enables quick and easy inflation and deflation while double-webbing foam handles with knuckle guards make it a pleasure to hold on tight. Fly down your favorite sledding hill or use it on the lake as a towable for an entirely different experience. It’s easy to pull the tube back up the hill with the removable reinforced lanyard. The high visibility custom graphics will stand out on the snow or in the water. 6P K80 PVC construction and self bailing drain vents are standard. Choose your element, grab a friend, and take a ride on the CROSSOVERs to make the most of your winter or summer days! 1-2 Rider, 63 in. (deflated) 56 in. (inflated) Through constant innovation and product development, SportsStuff® products have paved the way to the broad and exciting market that the inflatable towable industry is today. 966045 179.99 SPORTSSTUFF® AIR FLYER™ SNOW TUBE AIR FLYER is a king-size classic round snow tube with room for two. It features 4 over-sized molded PVC handles, a single chamber design and convenient Speed Safety Valve for fast inflation and deflation. Fly down your favorite sledding hill in air cushioned comfort on this giant snow tube. Constructed of slick 6P K80 PVC with cold-crack additive the AIR FLYER is one serious inflatable sled. Doubles as a pool, lake or beach lounge! Size: 1-2 Rider, 60.5 in. (deflated) 56 in. (inflated) 966046 37.99 SPORTSSTUFF ® JUSTA TUBE 32” 968065 31.99 40” 968066 43.99 JUSTA TUBE is not really just a tube! Sure it’s a black donut, but it’s a hypoallergenic black donut, much less likely to cause an allergic reaction than that old truck tube you used to use! The Schrader valve stem is shorter than a standard auto valve and has a tapered cap, so there’s no discomfort or scratching legs. It’s made of isobutylene isoprene synthetic rubber, an upgrade from a standard tire tube. It’s more resistant to heat, abrasion, ozone and sunlight. JUSTA TUBE provides year round fun and is easy to store! It’s a durable snow tube in winter. In summer, you’ll enjoy it as a durable river, lake, pool or ocean float. SPORTSSTUFF ® DESCENDER SLED 968013 119.99 The DESCENDER takes sledding action to the next level. Directional Guidance System’s 2 molded runners allow steering down the gnarliest of slopes. Stabilizer Wings and 4 foam filled nylon handles keep you onboard when shredding powder. The rugged nylon cover, slick reinforced tarpaulin bottom and heavy gauge PVC bladders ensure long service. DESCENDER is exhilarating!