Winter Catalog

ACCESSORIES accessories body & chassis engine electrical & ignition controls fuel & intake rewind clutch drive rear suspension front suspension traction mini sleds chemicals tools & shop trailer & towing 21 WINTER CATALOG FAST SAME DAY SHIPPING The Cobra is sled-to-sled tool that can produce and hold hundreds of pounds of pulling force on a stuck snowmobile. Also made of stretch cord bundled in a corrugated vinyl tube with a hook on both ends. Product Specifications: • Can be used as a snatch strap, Creates 300lb. to 400lb. of static pulling force • Cobra strap #650136 and 2- S- Hook Shape Safety straps 650125 are included Snobunje Slicktape Retrieval Line is a slick way to use with Snobunje Rattler and Cobra. Use this 20’ long Retrieval Line to reach the stuck sled and to give you room to properly use Snobunje pulling tools. Slip the loop of the black line over the back of the stuck sled’s ski and pull it up against the back of ski’s spindle. Pull from the other end of the line. Developed from the same technology that gave us ‘Kevlar’ this super strong, super-light 20 ft towline has a 2500 pound tensile strength, fits in the palm of your hand and stores in a small nylon bag. Product Specifications: • Stronger and lighter than rope • Fits in the palm of your hand • Gives you more room to use Snobunje pulling tools This locking rope ratchet can be used with any length of 3/8” rope. The Sidewinder is very useful in applying and holding the forces that Snobunje Cobra can produce. Product Specifications: • Compact and Durable • Locks rope securely • Can be used with any length of rope The Snobunje turning and adapter strap safely applies pulling force to a ski. Product Specifications: • Puts pulling force on the ski spindle • Releases the ski after pulling • Safely turns a sled sideways SNOBUNJE RATTLER The rattler is a tool that uses very strong stretch cord bundled in a corrugated vinyl tube. It has a hook on one end that attaches to the ski of the stuck sled and a handle on the other end. It maximizes the pulling forces your body can produce when pulling out a stuck snowmobile. Product Specifications: • 1 S-Shape Safety Strap hook included • Pull farther, pull easier • Time your throttle response to the pulling action 650121 74.95 SNOBUNJE COBRA 650122 84.95 650123 14.95 SNOBUNJE TURNING AND ADAPTOR STRAP SNOBUNJE SLICKTAPE RETRIEVAL LINE 650124 34.95 SNOBUNJE ROPE RATCHET (SIDEWINDER) 650127 14.95 SNOBUNJE DELUXE SAW • Lightweight, compact saw is 12in. L with and 8in. high carbon steel blade with two rows of teeth • Soft rubber handle • Blade has one locking position and thumb latch release for safety 650252 22.95 SNOBUNJE SNOWMOBILE EXTRACTION TOOLS