Winter Catalog

ACCESSORIES accessories body & chassis engine electrical & ignition controls fuel & intake rewind clutch drive rear suspension front suspension traction mini sleds chemicals tools & shop trailer & towing 22 | 207-942-6769 Snobunje Escape Kit puts all of the essential Snobunje pulling tools into one box. A selection of 7 items that will help you and your sled escape. Includes: (1) Snobunje Rattler (1) Snobunje Cobra (1) T&A Strap (1) Slicktape Retrieval Line (4) S-Hook Safety Straps (1) 15” x 15” Cargo Net (1) Cobra Strap These items keep the S-hooks on the Snobunje ‘Rattler’ and ‘Cobra’ in place. These soft rubber straps can stretch over the end of the Shook to keep it in place when pulling. 4 to a package SNOBUNJE SNOWMOBILE EXTRACTION TOOLS continued SNOBUNJE S-HOOK SAFETY STRAP 650125 5.95 650129 44.95 SNOBUNJE ROPE RATCHET WITH 30’ ROPE This locking rope ratchet comes with 30 feet of 3/8” rope. The Sidewinder is very useful in applying and holding the forces that Snobunje Cobra can produce. 650132 58.95 SNOBUNJE 1/2” DIAMETER AVALANCHE PROBE SNOBUNJE ESCAPE KIT 650241 219.95 • This ½” diameter 8 foot long, tempered aluminum probe, easily assembles with a pull and lock latch. • Nylon Tote Bag • Quick latching • Strong, ½”diameter aluminum • No longer comer with 10 marking flags Gloves, glasses, goggles, phone, camera, keys, water. When have we ever had enough storage space on a snowmobile? This handlebar bag creates over 270 cubic inches of storage space out of thin air. It attaches securely in seconds with elastic straps and quik clips. This high quality padded bag is a must. Product Specifications: • 270 cubic in. • Attaches in seconds • Water bottle and cell phone holders • Clear map pocket on inside of bag cover Put that empty tunnel space to good use. This excellent quality, expandable, padded bag is 8” deep, 15” long and will expand from 6” high to 10” high, if the extra space is needed. That’s 1280 cubic inches of storage space! Mounting straps are placed in just the right spots, for quick and easy installation. This is an excellent bag for carrying Snobunje pulling tools. This is a strong 15” strap sewn into a small and large loop. It is primarily used as a hitch to attach Snobunje pulling tools to a sled. It is also very useful as a wrist strap when lifting the back of a sled or in tying-down ATVs. Product Specifications: • Included with the Snobunje cobra SNOBUNJE HANDLEBAR BAG 650134 62.95 650135 62.95 SNOBUNJE TUNNEL BAG 650136 6.95 COBRA ADAPTOR STRAP 650137 7.95 Replacement handle for the Snobunje Rattler. SNOBUNJE RATTLER HANDLE 650133 22.75 SNOBUNJE GRIPPER CLIPS Clip a shovel, Avalanche Probe, Flashlight, Saw or other hard-tosecure item into that otherwise unused space. Product Specifications: • 6 Vinyl Coated Clips, (2)- 1 1/2" to 2" and (4)- 3/4" to 1 3/8" Diameters • Tempered Steel Construction Product Specifications: • Expandable from 6” to 10” tall • Padded sides, top and bottom • 1280 cubic in., 6-10 inches tall x 15” long x 8” wide